Although exercising is great for your body and mind, if you experience frequent back pain, exercising might be one of the last things that you want to subject yourself to. However, if you’re able to pick the right exercises, you could come to find that moderate, consistent exercise can actually help to reduce your back pain and help you become more mobile. So to help you get to this point, here are three tips for exercising if you have back pain.

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Choose Something Aerobic

There are going to be certain types of exercise and various forms of movement that are going to put you in more pain than before you started working out. These are the types of exercises that you’re going to want to avoid. In general, exercise that’s more aerobic is going to much more helpful to your body. According to Dr. Tyler Wheeler, a contributor to, some of the aerobic exercises that you might want to consider adding to your routine include things like walking, biking, or swimming. These exercises are relatively low impact while still helping to improve blood flow throughout your body, which can work wonders for relieving back pain. As long as you’re not trying to push yourself too hard, like doing swimming strokes that will twist your body too much, your back should be fine with this type of aerobic can buy Posture Brace for treating back pain.

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Stretch Thoroughly

Before you start doing any type of exercise, whether you have back pain or other problems areas within your body or not, it’s vital that you stretch thoroughly. Doing proper stretches before you begin a workout regimen will help warm up your body and keep you from sustaining injuries. According to Everyday Health, some of the best ways to stretch your body if you have back pain is to put your hands behind you while looking up and stretching your back into a soft arch or to lie on your stomach and push your upper body into a slight push-up position with your hips resting on the ground.

Work To Strengthen Your Core

One thing that can make back pain even worse is if you have a weak core that isn’t able to support your body effectively. If this sounds like you, something that can help ease your pain is to undertake exercises that will work to strengthen your core. According to Anne Asher, a contributor to Very Well Health, this can include exercises like yoga and other workouts that will help to support and strengthen your abs, hips, and back.

If you have back pain, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find some exercises that might help you get more active and reduce some of the discomfort you feel.