When a person goes through surgery such as a breast augmentation surgery, the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscle layer solidity are disrupted.

This disturbance is purposefully done so as to achieve the ideal shape desired by the person. 

After surgery, a number of medicines are prescribed to the patient. Along with the medications, surgeons typically prescribe compression garments too.

Compression garments help for a smooth recovery after surgery. They are made of elastic cloth and have a tight-fitting.

The tightness of these garments ensures constant and equal pressure on particular parts of the body. Compression garments are designed to fit well on the contours of the body and for the type of surgery.

The surgical site requires compression and the compression is also needed below the area since the body fluid will flow downward due to gravity. 

Compression is important after the surgery so as to address the stretching and inflammation of the dermal tissue due to the accumulation of fluid in the surgical region. 

The blood can leak into the tissue due to the surgery and can cause inflammation which slows down the process of healing and recovery. 

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Here are a few prominent benefits of compression garments.

1. Promote Healing

The body sends fluid towards the site of surgery. This leads to swelling. When a patient uses compression garments, the fluid accumulation is reduced due to which there is less swelling. 

2. Minimise Scarring 

Compression garments help the site of surgery to hold it together. This also provides stability. 

The compression garment holds the skin to the areas that are lately contoured and enables the healing of the surgical wound while limiting the extent of scarring. 

3. Prevent Bruising

Bruising at the surgical site is also common, just as swelling because blood vessels are disrupted during the surgery. Visit https://pclscoffsharbour.com.au/breast-augmentation/ to know more.

When compression garments are used, the bruises can decrease cells towards the epidermis by preventing the red blood cells from percolating. 

4. Reduce Infections

With compression garments, the surgical site is enclosed. Due to this, the surgical wound is protected from contaminants and the risk of infections is reduced. 

There are three stages of recovery after surgery and there are different types of compression garments of each stage. 

Stage 1

For the first 3-4 weeks after surgery, patients are recommended to wear healing garments that might have zippers or hooks for the patient’s comfort. These are to be worn all the time barring bathing time.

They are meant for preventing the body from expanding as fluid enters the surgical site.

Stage 2

After 3-4 weeks, you’ve to wear 2nd stage recovery garments. They are to be worn for less time every day because the body collects less fluid. 

These provide greater compression to ensure proper skin retraction and tissue adherence. They are to be worn for about 2-4 weeks.

Stage 3

During this last stage, the body is pretty much recovered and the new body contour also starts showing when the 3rd stage compression garments are great to wear.

They are made comfortable so that patients can wear them daily and prevent swelling. 

Consider investing in compression garments and enjoy a smooth post-surgery recovery.