Switch to Organic Hair Care Products

You want to believe that your hygiene and beauty products are doing the job you need them to do without harming you in the process, but the truth is there are countless formulas and few of them are right for you. Due to the chemical makeup of some of your go-to shampoos and conditioners, your hair may be in its worst state yet, but with some research and conscious consumerism, you can fix it. Here are four reasons to seek natural and organic hair care solutions for your dry and damaged tresses.

1. Healthier for Hair

Most shampoos and conditioners lining the shelves of the local drugstore are full of silicones, sulfates and other preservatives that may make your hair feel bouncy and soft at first. After a week or two of use, however, you start to notice that your strands are looking dry, flat and lifeless. This is due to an accumulation of chemicals in your hair left behind when the suds are washed away. Switching to a natural hair care product will help remove the buildup, repair the damage and return your hair to a healthy state.

2. Safe for Your Skin

Products with harsh chemical ingredients like sulfates not only strip your hair of its natural oils but also your skin, leaving it irritated and vulnerable. If you have sensitive skin, the process could be painful as well. Choosing an organic shampoo with a mild formula allows you to clean your hair and scalp without removing your protective oils.

3. Restorative for Your Mind

With fewer and better ingredients, you’ll enjoy long-term use of your organic hair care products. When your hair and skin are vibrant, your confidence will soar and you’ll never want to turn back to the vicious cycle of stripping and moisturizing your scalp each day for mediocre results.

4. Better for the Earth

If you need one more reason to make the switch, consider the ecological impact of the beauty industry on the planet. What happens when you rinse your hair and all that lathered, scented foam runs down the shower drain? Those chemicals run right into the waterways where they pollute the environment and endanger wildlife. So, next time you scan the long aisle of shampoos, conditioners and other items, think about your own carbon footprint. Choose an organic product with biodegradable packaging and do your part to protect the rivers and oceans from dangerous consumerism.

When switching to a natural hair care routine, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.