The mobility scooter has enabled many people with mobility issues lead a normal life, both in and out of the home, and if you are thinking about acquiring a mobility scooter, here is a brief description of the types available today.

  1. Transportable Mobility Scooter – A firm favourite, as this handy scooter can easily be folded up and fits into the passenger side of any car, allowing you to visit local attractions and enjoy the beauty of nature. The bootie scooter, as it is known, is a lightweight option that can easily be dismantled by one person, and with a light but strong frame, this is the ideal unit for the person who likes to travel.
  2. The Class 3 Mobility Scooter – This is about twice the size of the fold up version, and with cheap mobility scooters in Trowbridge from an established supplier, you have a choice of a new or used model. Travelling at up to 8mph, this mobility scooter is ideal for indoors and out, and with a range of 35 miles, there is more than enough charge in the battery for an extended outing. This product is designed for comfort and duration, and if you would like more information, visit your local supplier where you can have a test drive.

Many safety features are fitted, and with a range of new and used stairlifts, there’s something to suit every budget. If you would like to explore the possibility of having a stairlift fitted, an online search will help you to find a local supplier, who can help you select the right model.