There are all kinds of surgeries available for breasts, and while the ones that are most popular are the ones which revolve around increasing their size, there are also procedures who focus on reverting those changes, or making breasts smaller to begin with.

Is breast reduction for you?

If you happen to be a woman who has naturally big breasts, or if you have gotten some implants in the past that made them bigger, there is quite a big chance that the reason you are considering to undergo breast reduction is because you are feeling that the breasts are just too heavy and impractical for your lifestyle.

Having breasts that are too heavy can often lead to chronic pain in the neck and back, which can be quite a serious issue, especially if you let the pain go on for a longer period of time. You should never experience some pain in order to keep a look that satisfied yourself, and especially not if you are doing it for someone else.

Being healthy is the most important thing, and with modern medicine, there are many ways that a breast reduction can look incredible, which will take away all that discomfort and pain and transform it into a positive emotional state which is going to boost your confidence, as you will easily fit into clothes that you couldn’t before.

According to the expert in breast reduction at Breast & Body Clinic, reducing your breasts is a very smart choice if you are feeling uncomfortable with your big breasts, even if they are a product of a past decision where you have gone through surgery to enlarge them.

Breast reduction is easily noticeable

Implant revision

In case you still want to keep the breast size that you have gained from the implants but want to go through some small changes because the implants have made your breasts go through some changes, then the best technique in breast implant revision from Breast & Body Clinic is a pretty good choice or you can do your own research.

During the breast revision, the surgeons are able to fix all imperfections that the implants have caused, such as asymmetry where your breasts are different from each other in terms of size and nipple placement. This procedure can also fix common issues known as the “double bubble” and “uni-boob”.

The double bubble is when the implants have dropped to the lower parts of the breasts, which manifest in two bubbles that are weighting them down, hence where the name comes from. Similar can be said for the uni-boob, where the implants have gone to the side towards the median line, making your breasts appear as a single breast.

Implant revision always provides positive results

Final Word

There is no need to regret your past decision of getting breast implants if they have brought you happiness at the time, since modern medicine can easily revert those changes, and if you want, they can be corrected to look better than they did before as well.