The moment you think of dentistry, you’d imagine the family dental office, the place where you would regularly visit for the teeth check-ups and cleanings. However, the profession enlarged much more than this, and alone your usual dentist is only one specialty in the field. So, are you curious about the other kinds of available dentists? Well, you are here at the very right place.

A general dentist

A general dentist can also be referred to asthe family dentist who goes on to take care of the oral health regularly. This generally includes regular dental cleaning, any dental X-rays, besides educating the patients about suitable at-home oral care. They are also very much responsible for the restorative oral care like treating the tooth decay by simply replacing it with an artificial filling, chipped, repairing cracked, or missing teeth, and the services of whitening. 

An Orthodontist

One may know an orthodontist as one who goes on to install the braces, however, their care towards dental extendsa lot farther beyond that. Usually speaking, an orthodontistis concerned with the righting of the misaligned teeth, the jawbones, and numerous other facial structures for both functional and cosmetic reasons. Meaning they simply work to improve individual’s bites by designing the custom oral hardware like braces, mouthguards, clear dental alignment tray, headgear, facemasks,and retainers, that correct the developmental issues. 

Maxillofacial& oral surgeon

Oral and maxillofacial surgeonsconcentrate on the soft and hard tissues that are found in and around one’s mouth. These tissues consist of the gums, lips, cheeks, soft palate, hard palate, tongue, and facial tissues. These are medically trained in the hospitals post their dental schooling and hence perform more nosy surgeries than few other dental professionals like complex tooth extraction, surgical jaw correction, or smoothing as a foundation for the false teeth.


Gums are usually the focus of periodontists, and they are concerned with diagnosing, preventing, and treating numerous gum problems. This may include treating extreme pain and gum inflammation, diagnosing, and treating any extreme gum disease. 


They are responsible for offering oral prostheses that go on to replace damaged, missing, or decayed teeth. The oral prosthesis is a false teeth appliance and includes crowns, dentures, tooth implants, bridges, and veneers.


The inside part of a tooth, which is covered by tooth’s hard enamel alongsidean inner layer of dentin, is found below the gumline and is popularly known as the pulp. It is pretty soft and made up of the sensitive living tissue, the part of the tooth that endodontistsgo on to focus on. 

Final Words

Now, when you know the kinds of dentist in Yarrawonga, why’d you wait? Go get your tooth checked.