Blepharoplasty Chicago Clinics - Choose Credible Experts for Sagging Eyelids

Blepharoplasty is a procedure to treat sagging eyelids or any deformities or defects in the brow area. This procedure does not need hospitalization, and you can go home once is it over. There are a few cases where general anesthesia is administered to the patient. Here the surgeon uses an agent to numb the region near the eyelid.  

Consult an expert in a good Blepharoplasty Chicago clinic 

Before you decide to opt for the procedure to treat droopy or sagging eyelids, you should visit a good doctor in a good Blepharoplasty Chicago clinic. Here, you are able to gain a detailed insight into the pros and cons of the procedure with success. Experts say that the upper eyelids are taken care of first in the procedure. The surgeon makes a small incision to remove the extra skin, fat, and muscle. Some of the tissues in this region might be removed to other areas of the eye before the surgeon seals the incision.

The procedure for the lower eyelid involves the removal of fat. This causes bags under the eyes. The surgeon may need to remove some skin from the area as well. The incision made is generally inside or outside of the eyelid. It is usually made under the lower eyelashes. Some patients might need to have the lower eyelid secured or tightened to the bone skeleton. If you have vision issues and need to under the procedure, it will be covered by insurance otherwise not. However, talk to your doctor and find out about the costs involved when it comes to the procedure in your case.

Recovery from the surgery

Recovery from the procedure generally takes lesser time over others. However, when the surgery is over, the patient is shifted to a recovery room. The doctor monitors the patient for side effects. If there are no side effects, you can go home on that day. 

Rest is essential for the patient for some days after the surgery is over. One might experience some kind of swelling or pain. Doctors will recommend medicines to cope with the symptoms. They generally reduce after some weeks. Ice packs will also be recommended by the doctor to deal with the pain. The severity and the intensity of swelling and pain differ from person to person. Good doctors will only discharge the patient when he/she is fit enough to take care of themselves at home. Choosing a good clinic with experienced and friendly doctors helps the patient feel comfortable and safe.

Experts from Blepharoplasty Chicago clinics say you might face the issues of blurry vision and light sensitivity for some days. These are the possible side-effects you may suffer from. Contact your doctor if you suffer from the above symptoms immediately, especially if they last for over two days. Doctors will also give you post-surgery care instructions on how to keep the region clean. They prohibit the use of contact lenses, and if you need to wear glasses, they should be prescription glasses recommended by the doctor.