weight loss

It is a universally acknowledged fact that we all must have tried to lose weight at some point of our lives. But losing weight is easier said than done. There’s no doubt when we say that weight loss is difficult, especially with the truckload of information that is available online, the journey is rather too confusing.

Advice on weight loss has been doled out on several untrustworthy mediums and it is often seen that trusting such harmful advice can wreak havoc on your health and make you gain weight rather than losing it.

Nevertheless, there are too many weight loss tips that have been processed to us as healthy but which are actually myths. Let’s take a look at the most common weight loss myths that you should stop believing in.

Myth #1: Carbs make you gain weight

Did you know that for every little movement that your body does, carbohydrates are required? If you consume the right type of carbohydrates and in a sufficient amount, you’ll never gain weight. When you’re on your weight loss journey, eating complex carbs, whole grains, and protein is a must. So, stop believing in the myth that you should ditch carbs in order to lose weight. Take a look at the organic supplements online to take good care of your health.

Myth #2: Skipping meals is great for losing weight

To optimize your metabolism rate, start eating the right meals at the right time of the day. Good metabolism is the ultimate mantra for weight loss. Hence, skipping meals can have a detrimental impact on your weight loss goals. Watch each and everything that you put on your plate and don’t believe in the idea that skipping meals can help in losing weight.

Myth #3: Sugar free items and artificial sweeteners are healthier

Most often, you’ll find advertisement on the TV which links weight loss with artificial sweeteners. However, according to studies, it is seen that the calories contained in artificial sweeteners is almost similar to consuming the actual products (in this case, sugar). Substitutes of sugar can certainly decrease the intake of calories but that doesn’t mean they guarantee weight loss.

Myth #4: Spot reduction works

Do you think you only need to get rid of your flabby arms or thighs? Or are you only concerned about your belly fat? Before you start watching spot reduction videos, get it clear that you can never target a particular area without focusing on losing weight from your entire body. The right way of losing those extra kilos is by making right food decisions and by exercising. A good diet helps you remain fit, tones your muscles and takes you closer to your health goals.

Myth #5: It is vital to drastically cut down on calories

It can’t be denied that everything that goes into our system has its own purpose. Calories too have their own importance and purpose. When you think you have to critically cut down on calories and deprive your body of essential macronutrients, it does more harm to your body. Foods have different metabolic pathways and they all have varied impacts on hormones and hunger. Different foods regulate your body weight in a different manner. Hence, all calories aren’t designed equally and so you are not supposed to give up on all calories.

Lastly, weight loss is all about being strong, consistent, and having willpower to achieve what your body wants. The journey to weight loss can be tiring but once you’re successful, you’ll be closer to a healthier life for your future. Stop believing in the myths and start setting realistic health goals.