Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also called ED or impotence, is the inability of a man to get and maintain an erection long enough for penetrative sex. Just because you have experienced trouble in getting an erection once doesn’t mean you are impotent or have ED. Erectile dysfunction could be a result of lifestyle factors, or other underlying health conditions. If you believe you have a problem with erection and sex, seeing a urologist in Queens New York may be a good idea. Urologists specialize in treatment of various conditions related to the male reproductive system, besides the urinary system.


There are a few tell-a-tale signs of ED. Typically, patients have problems getting an erection, or keeping the erection for a long time to have sex. Patients with ED may also have reduced sexual desire.

What are the causes?

There are various known causes of ED, such as heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity and metabolic syndrome. Parkinson’s disease, excessive smoking, alcohol abuse, use of muscle-building steroids, use of selected prescription medications, and multiple sclerosis. Depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions could be triggers for ED.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction

The good news is there are many available treatments for erectile dysfunction. Your urologist may recommend a few lifestyle changes for reversing ED, and if that doesn’t work, oral medications, hormone replacement therapy, or hormonal injections can be recommended. One of the advanced treatments for erectile dysfunction include penile implants, although not all patients are ideal for this surgery. If you have diabetes or similar health conditions, your urologist may advise you against getting penile implants.

Check online for the best urologists in NY area for your erectile dysfunction problem. The first appointment may seem overwhelming, but a good physician will only make things easier from the moment you meet them in person.