Feeling Good After the Pandemic

The pandemic forced us to shelter in place for almost a year. It hasn’t only affected our economies but also our mental and physical health. Staying indoors has caused some of us to develop a sedentary lifestyle that lacks sufficient physical activity to keep us healthy. The effects of which can manifest in many ways, such as fatigue, having a hard time sleeping, lower endurance, and muscle loss. Lockdowns caused us to be on our computers to work from home constantly, and even small physical activities like walking to work or taking the stairs were things we couldn’t do. 

sedentary lifestyle doesn’t just affect us physically but also mentally. Many people experienced heightened anxiety during the time we spent inside. It wasn’t surprising because of the uncertainty regarding our future after the pandemic. Other factors also aggravated the situation. Not being able to see our friends and family, not having a support system, and disrupting our routines also added to our feeling of uneasiness. 

Now that we’re slowly adapting to the world’s new normal, here are just some things that can help us get back to feeling good post-pandemic. 

Daily Exercise

Though not all gyms may be open for business during the new normal, there are other ways we can exercise at home. Basic stretches and workouts that use your bodyweight, such as squats, leg raises, and push-ups, are some examples of what we can do indoors. Workout classes that use basic or no weights are also available online to help guide you through the exercises without injuring yourself. Another great workout that was popular during the pandemic was using a jump rope as a great way to do cardio. 

Eating Healthy

Not being able to exercise and move our bodies can result in unwanted weight gain. Another way we can feel better is by making healthier food choices. Not going to stores and accessing fresh produce has led to us choosing to eat fast food or take out more. Fresh food is still the way to go. It’s worth the hassle of planning meals ahead of time. A balanced diet of fruits and vegetables with moderate fats, sugar, and salt should help you feel better in no time.

Physical Appearance

Feeling good is also affected by what we see in the mirror and how we feel about it. Try putting on a great outfit and getting out of your home clothes. It’ll help you feel more put together and ready to start your day. The time stuck indoors may have also caused you to take a look at some things you’d like to change about your body in order to reveal your inner confidence. We now spend most of our time indoors, so this may also be the time to look into the cosmetic procedures you’ve been interested in getting. Recovering at home while still being able to work is a great bonus. 

Be Productive

Taking note of the tasks you’ve accomplished and goals for yourself will help you feel more productive. Schedule your tasks accordingly to make sure you’re not just staying in bed for hours doing nothing. Working from home also requires us to be a lot more organized with our jobs. Taking the time to keep a schedule and keep files organized can significantly help you work easier and faster. Aside from our regular jobs pursuing other passion projects can also help us feel productive. Learning to play a musical instrument, taking up cooking lessons, or getting more into reading can also help us productively spend our free time. 

Take care of your mental health.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Many of the items mentioned above are connected to taking care of your mental health. Exercise, healthy eating habits, and a suitable sleeping pattern are essential to keeping your mind right. Talking to friends and family to relieve stress or even just to have a good time catching up will also help. Most importantly, also know when it’s time to take a break. Take a relaxing bath or spending a couple of minutes meditating can help us calm down and unwind. 

It’s important to remember to take care of ourselves in this new normal. It can be easy to overlook the little things just to keep pushing forward. Paying attention to the bad habits that don’t make us feel good and actively trying to do better goes a long way. Let’s keep an eye out for what we can do to help us feel better about ourselves as we adjust to these trying times. 

Meta title: Feeling Good After the Pandemic
meta desc: The pandemic has caused some of us to feel a bit down about ourselves. Here are just some of the ways we can get back to feeling great post-pandemic.