Young woman wearing face mask while walking in the streets of London

COVID-19 cases are increasing rapidly throughout the world, including the U.S. When it comes to coronavirus symptoms, most of the people who are affected by the virus are showing none to severe respiratory illness.

Even though sore throat, fever, breathing difficulty, and cough are considered as common symptoms of coronavirus, but there are many confirmed cases that are asymptomatic.

In fact, many people are not aware that they have a virus. By this, they are transmitting the virus unknowingly to others. According to research studies conducted in Iceland reported about 50% of COVID-19 affected people don’t have symptoms.

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In this article, you can know what you need to if you or your family members experience mild symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

Self-isolation and self-quarantine

Almost all the non-essential employees are advised to stay at their home in order to slow down the virus progress. This helps to limit contact with unknown persons. Self-isolation means not having contact with anyone, even those who stay within the house.

Whereas, self-quarantine involves tracing out the contacts of an infected person and making them alert so that they will self-quarantine to stop the spread of the virus further.

According to CDC recommendations, self-quarantine is essential for cases that are asymptomatic. They should self-quarantine for 2 weeks immediately after exposure because symptoms can develop in between 2 to 14 days. Self-isolation and self-quarantine can put off after 72 hours once the symptoms disappear.

Transmission of virus

The transmission rate of the virus is quite high because healthy-looking people are moving around and spreading virus unknowingly. The reproductive number of coronavirus is 4, which is higher than the contagious virus measles. That is each infected person can spread it for 4 others.

Importance of masks

Earlier CDC recommended masks are essential for those who are sick, but now it announced wearing a face mask is must for all the people. Wearing a face mask not only helps to protect you and your family but also creates a feeling to do a bit good in people.

How you can treat COVID-19 symptoms?

It is hard to make sure whether the symptoms are a sign of COVID-19 or not, without proper diagnoses. Fever is a key symptom that you must notice if you suspect the symptoms are related coronavirus because fever is a dangerous symptom that may cause serious problems if it reaches specific temperature or prolongs for a longer period. To treat it you have to follow few treatment options like:

  • Drinking plenty of fluids
  • Using ice packs or cooling blankets

There are not any shortcuts for other COVID-19 symptoms to reduce the illness. COVID-19 is a pandemic disease that doesn’t have any treatment option or therapy other than staying healthy.

So, you have to follow common things like staying hydrated, eating healthy food, sleeping well, staying active, and taking preventive measures to protect yourself and others from the virus