Back pain is without a doubt, one of the most common health issues that people of all ages face today. It’s not only a leading cause of disability in the US, preventing people from focusing on their routine activities, but people across the world struggle with it in the same way. A leading cause of missed work days, back pain stems from problems such as sprains and strains, arthritis, herniated disc, injury, fibromyalgia, bone spurs, and sciatica.

Apart from that pregnancy, endometriosis, overweight, and poor-posture, etc., can lead to back pain. It can stop you from giving your 100% to your work and personal life; therefore, it’s essential for you to seek quality treatment to relieve it quickly. Your failure to address back pain immediately can lead to more severe health issues in the future thereby enhancing your treatment cost.

Although there are several ways of treating back pain; however, if you are looking forward to seeking drug-free treatment, then you must consult an experienced chiropractor. The kind of treatment that a chiropractor offers not only relieves your pain, but it also plays a vital role in enhancing your overall well-being.

They use spinal manipulation and various other techniques to relieve your pain, enhance flexibility, and improve range of motion. If you seek the treatment from a chiropractor, they will give a permanent solution for your back pain.

Chiropractic care, which focuses on spine alignment, is sought by millions of Americans each year. Approximately 22 million people in the US seek chiropractic care each year, and out of that, a large number of people seek treatment for back pain.

So no matter why you are experiencing back pain, seeking the treatment from a chiropractor can prove to be highly helpful for you.

According to Bridle Trails Physical Therapy,”Chiropractic health care is a hands-on, natural approach to healing the body beginning with a comprehensive patient examination, diagnosis, and treatment plan.”

Apart from back pain, you can also seek chiropractic care for treating neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, and elbow pain, etc.

Now let’s take a look at how a chiropractor heals back pain.


When you meet your chiropractor, they will ask for the detailed information about your problem such as since when you are experiencing the symptoms, their description, what makes them worse, and what makes you feel better.

They Check Your Medical History

The first and most important steps that a chiropractor takes when you seek treatment for back pain from them is to check your medical history. They try to figure out how often you experience musculoskeletal problems and why you struggle with them. If you have suffered a musculoskeletal disorder recently, they might ask questions regarding the same from you to get comprehensive information about your health.

There are two reasons for checking your medical history, the first one, is to identify whether the problem that you are struggling with is anyway related to it, or it’s because of some other reason. And the second one is to discover are you still experiencing any symptoms of a health problem that you experienced in the past.

If you are still observing the symptoms of that health problem, then your chiropractor will offer the treatment accordingly.

They Check Your Family History

Your chiropractor may also ask you questions about the health of your loved ones to figure out whether you are struggling with a hereditary problem or not. Apart from that, they will also try to get information on your dietary habits and occupational history.

They Conduct Physical Examination

Your chiropractor will also conduct a physical exam to figure out which spinal segments need chiropractic treatments. They will use static and motion palpation techniques to determine those spinal segments.

They may also use an x-ray to identify subluxations. They can treat any problem that’s linked to the joints, bones, muscles, and tendons that help your spine function effectively. By examining these parts, they come to know about the misalignment and asymmetry.

After conducting the physical exam, they arrive at a diagnosis.

They Create a Treatment Plan

Once they know everything about your problem, they design a care plan to treat it. The chiropractor will use a technique that they feel will address your back pain in the best way possible. And if the treatment method is unable to provide the desired results, they will use some other technique.

They may use chiropractic adjustment to enhance functionality, restore range of motion, and minimize nerve irritability.

Apart from that, your chiropractor may also use chiropractic mobilization, which helps in stretching muscles and joints to enhance mobility.

Your chiropractor may also ask you to take nutritional supplements and make changes in your diet. Apart from that, they may also recommend hot and cold packs. The reason they may ask you to change your diet is that a healthy diet is utterly essential for feeling energetic and fighting a health problem.