If you are suffering from any type of heart problems then do not hesitate to discuss it with your dentist. Your dentist must know the situation of your heart because heart problems are linked directly to the oral health care. A good dental clinic like Sargon Dental Institute takes all the precautionary measures with patients who suffer from cardiovascular problems. This is vital to safeguard your health. If you have recently gone through some heart surgery then let your dentists know about it in case you need to go through any dental treatments.

Importance of telling your dentist about your heart disease:

It is important because when you have bleeding in the gums it can enter the bloodstream and travel to heart. This can result in complications. The risk can be more if you have severe cardiac abnormalities or other heart problems.

There are some guidelines which have been published by the American Heart Association as well the American Dental Association. These guidelines are useful for helping the dentists to protect their patients so they do not develop bacterial endocarditis. A good reputed dental clinic like Sargon Dental Institute takes these guidelines seriously because it can affect the patient’s life.

Importance of these guidelines by the associations:

The guidelines are important for they recommend the use of antibiotics to such patients who have a heart disease in case they need to go through any dental procedure. These antibiotics are given as per the patient’s medical condition and the type of dental treatment they need to go through.

For dental procedures like extractions, incision and drainage of the infected oral tissue, professional tooth cleaning, oral surgeries, etc. there may be a need to take some medicines. Premedication is usually important in these type of treatments and therefore you must inform your dentist in case you have had a pacemaker, history of rheumatic fever, any heart surgery or vascular surgery during the past 6 months, endocarditis, etc.

A good dentist like the one’s available at Sargon Dental Institute will get in touch with the physician or cardiologist who is dealing with your case t determine the type of antibiotics which you can take. It is extremely important for your health and there are no two ways about it. You need to closely follow the dosage of the dentist.

Take care of your oral health as well:

So, you know now that why it is important to tell your dentist about your prevailing heart disease if any. However, if you do not have any heart problems then also you must take good care of your teeth at all times to avoid heart problems because gum diseases are linked to the heart problems. You should always brush and floss twice daily and go for regular checkups to your dentist. If you do not have any heart diseases, but have gum diseases then you are more prone to develop heart disease in the future if you ignore your oral health.

So, take good care of your oral health and use the anti bacterial toothpaste or powder as recommended by your dentist. The dental products should be recommended by your dentist. Do not use anything on your own as it may harm your oral health.