Hearing is very important to be taken care of. Once an individual experience a problem with hearing, you already have a health problem. The fact that hearing is one of the six senses, It needs to have full attention to get treated. No one would want to have a hearing problem as it affects one’s daily productivity. A buzzing or ringing in the ears is a hearing problem which is called tinnitus.

It is an indication that you have a hearing problem. Of course, no one wants to get disturbed with this unwanted ear condition. So, in time that you feel something different in the ears, never hesitate to ask an ear expert advice. You will be recommended of an affordable tinnitus treatment & relief. Tinnitus usually affects ages 15-20 percent of the people. It is a symptom of age-related loss of hearing, circulatory system disorder, or an ear injury.

What are the causes?

Tinnitus has common causes that you need to be aware of. The cochlea is located in the inner ear which has tiny sensory hair cells. Once these cells are lost or damaged, probably it may cause tinnitus. It usually happens to the aged people. Also, prolonged exposure to extremely loud noise can result in this kind of ear problem. Tinnitus may also result in a loss of hearing.

Safe And Sound Treatment For Tinnitus

2 kinds of tinnitus

Tinnitus comes into 2 kinds namely: subjective tinnitus and objective tinnitus. Subjective tinnitus is the common type which is the patient can only hear. It may be caused by outer, middle, or inner ear problem. It can also be caused by the auditory or hearing nerves. Or, it may be of the brain part that interprets the nerve signals as auditory pathways. Objective tinnitus is which a doctor can only hear by doing an examination. This is a rare type of tinnitus that is caused by the following:

  • middle ear bone condition
  • blood vessel problem
  • muscle contractions

How to treat tinnitus?

Tinnitus Treatment can be done in a safe manner while at the same time an effective way. When speaking about treatment, people normally think of taking medicines. With this, many patients are worried about side effects. Synthetic medicines can be harmful to health, especially when taking too much. This is why these medicines have prescriptions. Prescribed medicine can be safe as long as it is prescribed by a professional doctor. But, there is a safe treatment to treat tinnitus. It has the goal to provide a safe and simple treatment that is affordable, accessible, and user-friendly.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment works by training the brain on ignoring the tinnitus. An acoustic neuromodulator is used to identify the frequency of the tinnitus. It will program the noise on the tinnitus frequency. When it played back, it trains the brain on ignoring the tinnitus. The more the patient listened to the treatment, the more it gives good results. The treatment uses a similar neurological process which lessened the pain. The treatment has no harm because it is like rubbing the head.