Do you have constipation? Check what the proven ways to get rid of constipation are. Only every fourth man and every second woman have trouble with defecation. In most cases, constipation is the result of an inappropriate lifestyle. It will help you change your diet and more movement, and if it does not bring effects, laxatives will help. Using the CBD Suppositories really works here.

The Intestines

If the intestines are not working properly, constipation can occur which can cause a discomfort. We speak about constipation when defecation occurs less often than 3 times a week, stool is given with difficulty and often accompanied by a feeling of incomplete bowel movements. Because the cause of these disorders may be an inadequate diet or stress, as well as a serious illness, therefore in the case of persistent constipations, it is worth asking for a doctor’s help. If the interview with the patient and the basic examination do not clear up the problem, then the physician directs for additional tests biochemical (e.g. examination of fecal occult blood), endoscopic (e.g. rectoscopy, colonoscopy), ultrasound or colon contrast examination. Only when the disease is ruled out, it can be considered that they are so-called habitual constipation, which is caused by poor nutrition and lifestyle.

The effects can be dangerous

Long-term constipation is not only a cause of bad mood, but can lead to serious diseases of the rectum and anus (eg, varicose veins and anorectal fissures). The presence of food leftovers is also conducive to inflammation of the large intestine, the formation of fecal stones, which can cause decubitus ulcers and ulcers, and even its obstruction.

Treatment of constipation – what will quickly help constipation?

To cope with habitual constipation, it’s usually enough to follow a few rules. Here are simple ways to constipate.

Do not hold the bowel movement

The large intestine is most active in the morning, which is why it is the best moment for a “longer sitting” in the toilet. Unfortunately, morning rush often causes the bowel movement to stop, so after some time this reflex disappears.

How to remedy this? To get your body used to regular defecation again, you have to spend more time in the toilet every morning. It is worth starting the day with a glass of lukewarm water with lemon or water, in which dried plums soaked the night – it stimulates the intestine to work.

Take care of the right diet

Diet is very important and is often the cause of constipation. Hard-to-eat meals with a lot of animal fats and carbohydrates (white flour) have long been found in the stomach and intestines, which promotes constipation. Like fiber deficiency, which stimulates the digestive tract to work, increases the volume of stool, absorbs water, causing softening of the stool and facilitating its passage through the intestines.