Every day, we cover a great distance concerning our jobs or our social lives. People are getting fitter and many are now walking to where they want to go. This is great news for the British public as we are now getting healthier.

More walking, however, means more stress on the feet and although it is a sturdy part of the body, the effects of walking large distances in any given day can have an unwelcome effect on your feet. Thankfully, you can always rely on your chiropodists (podiatrists) in the EN2 area to relieve you of your symptoms. There are many ways that they can help you and we will look at some of them here.

  1. Sometimes due to badly fitting footwear, we end up with issues with our toe nails like fungus or thickened nails. This can lead to great discomfort, but a visit to your local chiropodist and your feet and you will soon be feeling better.
  2. No matter how hard we try to keep our feet in good condition, we end up with verrucae, corns or calluses and these infections mean that trying to wear your favourite shows can lead to you being in a lot of pain. Your local podiatrist can provide a solution for these also.
  3. For those of us that try to stay fit, road running can have a detrimental effect on our feet and we experience fallen arches, flat feet or heel discomfort. Your chiropodist can advise on alternative footwear and supports put in the shoe to help with this.

Give your local podiatrist a call today to address your foot issues and to get some pain relief.