Not everyone in the world knows the difference between a hospital and a clinic knowing that these two have distinct functions that differ from each other completely.

However, both medical facilities are completely important knowing that these two serve sick people who are in need of medical treatment, consultation, and medical procedures. So, what makes a hospital different from a clinic?

To put it simply, hospitals work as a place where people need more serious medical attention, whereas a clinic works as a place for people who have minor medical concerns go there for consultations and minor medical procedures.

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Table of Contents


  1. Outpatient/ambulatory care– The clinic is an outpatient medical facility or an ambulatory care clinic where it mainly focuses on the care of outpatients which can either be run or funded by the government or from a private medical institution to serve a community.
  2. Offers first-aid– Clinics offer clinical services such as first aid, consultation and other medical practices that don’t need extensive medical attention but there are instances that people who are figured in accidents and other serious ailments are brought to a clinic if it is the only medical facility available in a certain community.
  3. It provides general medical care– In general, clinics are run by medical professionals who practice general medical care while others specialize in other medical fields such as physical therapy, physiotherapists and psychology to name a few. Clinics are usually situated in the city center or the main area of a town but there are also clinics that operate in the doctor’s house.
  4. It is situated in a medical arts center– A medical arts facility’s purpose is to provide convenience to the patients to visit their respective doctors specializing in different medical fields. Each floor or level of a medical arts center has different types of doctors who specialize in different kinds of medical fields.


  1. Offers extensive medical care– A hospital facility that offers extensive medical care and specialized treatments that can accommodate a large number of patients and has different medical departments to address the different types of illnesses and conditions of its patients.
  2. Accepts admission of patients– For those who suffer from illnesses can be admitted for the treatment depending on the days of the medication until they get well or for those who are needed to undergo medical procedures or surgery.
  3. It conducts procedures and surgeries– Hospitals are more equipped and has more medical personnel that will attend to patients who have different medical conditions. Unlike clinics where only minimal and most of the time non-invasive medical procedures, hospitals conduct a more intricate surgical procedure using the more complex and advanced medical equipment for people who have a more serious medical condition.