Pregnancy is one of the most complex phenomena that ever happens in a human body. It exclusively occurs in human female body. And it is a blessing and in some cases is also the curse for the woman body. However in most of the cases it is genuinely a blessing as having a baby is one of the best feeling in the world. Baby is the purest of all living object that can make each and every individual fill up with a lot of joy. Thus women should be taken care of in a perfect way so that they can be protected as and as they are the one who gives us this beautiful baby and along with that an infinite source of happiness. However, as I told earlier pregnancy is not a simple thing to carry out. It is one of the complex human processes that occurs and it contains thousands minute as well as important changes in the human body so that they the human female body becomes ready for the future, that is the delivery of the baby. And the process of the pregnancy carries out for a period of about 9 months. This 9 months are the longest of all and is alsovery much vulnerable for the women body.

The changes that occurs

As it has been told earlier that pregnancy is all about the changes that happens in the woman’s body. Now we should understand few things that what are the changes? Why is the changes? And when is the changes? So if we go step by step, then it will to mention about the process. Sexual reproduction is the process with which the woman’s get pregnant because they receive the sperm, which is also called as the male gamete which interacts with the female gamete or the egg to start the gestational cycle. Now this gestational phase continues for about 9 months. In these 9 months a lady changes a lot in terms of both physical as well as internal appearance. Woman’s becomes fat as the baby grows in the womb along with that there is a lot hormonal surge in the body which makes many biochemical changes of the body and the lady who is pregnant becomes very much weak during this time. These changes are very much characteristic of the phase also. The hormonal effects is best seen and understood during the time when woman undergo contraction. Contraction is a very important effect and it should be taken seriously and with the help of different baby contraction timer it should be counted every day.


As the baby grows the female starts experiencing different effects in her body. Contraction is one of them where the womb area start stretching due to the effect of contraction specific hormones and high level of estrogen.


Contraction is very much importance as it helps us to know the situation of the baby inside and also the efficiency of its growth so that we can predict his delivery time.


Timing contraction thus is very much important. Contraction timer online are widely available in different websites and it is also very easy to use.