Young Living Essential Oils

If you are an essential oil lover, the collection will grow as time passes. And to benefit from essential oils, you need to use them as often as possible. So if you have a designated space for your essential oils on your shelf, you will be more likely to make them a part of your daily routine. Shelves are a great place to keep all your essential oils in one place. So, you should consider using a small shelf to organize the essential oils in the room so that they will most likely be used. Here are some tips to help you organize and store essential oils.

How To Organize And Store Essential Oils- Keeping your essential oils organized is one way to maximize their usage and benefits while minimizing the risk. If you use hot oils like Thieves and tea tree oil, accidentally picking them up can be dangerous. Some essential oil bottles have uniquely colored labels; however, some oils have labels that are similar in color. And when you have oil labels that are similar in color, you can easily mistake them. Lavender usually has a purple label and so does Harmony and Release. Tea tree oil has a similar label in color to Thieves. Therefore, organizing and storing the essential oil is particularly important if you are applying it topically and diffusing it as well.

Label Essential Oil Bottles- Labeling the essential oil bottles will help you avoid mistaken identity. So, wherever you put your essential oil and accessories, it is important to label all the bottles. This includes bottles of blends, oils, carrier oil, and more. Make sure that you carefully and properly label everything so that you do not face any confusion. Young Living Essential Oils products have some great labels.

Ways To Organize The Oil Bottles

By Color- Whether you have a small collection or a big one, sorting by color works well. It will not only help you distinguish the different essential oils, but it will also look pretty. However, there is one thing that you should remember if you sort the essential oils by color, it can be easy to forget the actual color of the bottle sometimes, so you might have to spend a lot of time searching for it.

By Group- Another way to organize the essential oil bottles is by the group. To do this, you can decide on a section strictly for citrus oils, another for tree oils, or for emotional support oils. And if you use some oils that you diffuse daily, you can make a section for those oils as well. By organizing the oil in groups, you will know the place of the oils better.

Organize The Alphabetically- If you have a large number of oils or many duplicates, organizing them alphabetically is a great option. By organizing them this way, you will always be able to find the oil that you are looking for without having to look hard for a long time. And if you are going to display the essential oils in your drawer, this is a great method.

You Can Also Organize Them By Usage- You can also organize the oil by how you use them if you prefer that way. You can dedicate a section for the essential oils that you use to promote a healthy respiratory system. Or you can also have a space for the oils that support your energy level. And if you are well aware of their properties, you can also group them based on similar properties.