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Is bad breath affecting your life? Maybe people who are close to you have spoken up about your problem in a tactful way, or perhaps you’ve found that people are distancing themselves when you’re in conversation with you. While there are many products on the market to combat bad breath, ranging from over-the-counter products through to mouthwash, it’s recommended that you visit a bad breath clinic in Melbourne to seek treatment. This article provides useful information on bad breath treatment to help you become better informed.

Determining the Cause of Bad Breath

If you’re thinking about bad breath treatment, it’s a good idea to turn to a dental practitioner that can determine why your breath is causing problems. A dentist can assess your mouth to get to the bottom of your bad breath, whether it’s an issue with your gums or a decaying tooth. If you have cavities, these can cause food to collect in pockets, resulting in bad breath. Gum disease can also affect your breath in a negative way. Once your dentist knows why you’re suffering from bad breath, your bad breath treatment can begin.

What Does a Personalised Bad Breath Evaluation and Treatment Involve?

When you visit a bad breath clinic in Melbourne, a treatment plan will be created specifically for you. After a careful analysis of your mouth, the dentist will present you with your available treatments options. If the cause of your bad breath is gum disease, a dental hygienist will clean your teeth thoroughly and get into the deeper areas of your gums that you can’t reach with your toothbrush. This may be enough to eliminate the source of your bad breath. Antibiotics may also be beneficial for getting rid of any type of bacterial problem that could be causing issues with your breath.

What Factors Can Contribute to Bad Breath?

In addition to issues with your gums or bacterial infection, there are other factors that can contribute to bad breath. These factors include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Cavities
  • Taking poor care of your teeth or dentures
  • Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, kidney conditions, lung disease and liver disease

Your dentist will help you identify if there are any underlying conditions that may be contributing to your bad breath.

How a Bad Breath Clinic in Melbourne Can Help

You don’t have to live with bad breath. By visiting a bad breath clinic, you can take steps to maintain good oral health and improve your breath. Bad breath is often a sign of a problem with your teeth, gums or overall health. Once you know the cause of your bad breath, you can start treating the problem. You can also find out what you can do on your own to ensure good oral hygiene.

Be sure to visit your dentist regularly to ensure you’re taking the best care of your mouth. If you have any problems, such as bleeding gums or tooth pain, be sure to follow up with your dentist so you can stay on top of any conditions affecting your teeth.