No one wants to stay with missing teeth. It not only affects your chewing, but it also ruins your look. That is why when you visit a dentist in Clinton Maryland, they will either suggest an implant or dental bridges. While many are happy with implants, there are many benefits of dental bridges which makes them a popular choice. Dental bridges are handy in bridging the gap that is created by missing one or more teeth. Gaps in teeth should be treated while there is still time as it may cause jaw deterioration in the long run. Also, if not treated on time, it will hamper daily activities like eating or speaking.

The process of placing dental bridges is simple. It works by placing a false tooth in the gap and anchoring the same with a crown on the natural teeth. There are four main types of dental bridges that includes:





The dentist in Clinton Maryland decides on which dental bridge will be appropriate for you, but before you go for it, you must be aware of the benefits it provides:

Dental bridges help in improved chewing– When there is one or more teeth missing, then it affects chewing. One can also experience a lot of pain while eating. This happens when the surrounding teeth shifts towards the open space. Food particles can also accumulate in the open space resulting in gum damage. When the dental bridge is put in place, then it helps one to chew the food effortlessly, and without any pain.

Helps to restore your smile- You might have forgotten how to smile once you lost one or more of your teeth. You must feel embarrassed and have not enjoyed a hearty smile in a while. Why do that to yourself when you can have the problem solved with dental bridges?

Helps to maintain the natural shape of your face– Once one starts to lose their teeth, the jawbone starts to deteriorate. Tooth roots are responsible for stimulating the bone cells in the jawbone. Without the stimulation, the jawbone behind deteriorating. Severe deterioration of the jawbone can lead the face to collapse thereby affecting the shape of the face.

Stops the other teeth from shifting- When you put dental bridges, it prevents the other teeth from shifting towards the gap that is created due to missing teeth. The dental bridges prevent the other teeth to tilt, thus keeping the jaw structure right. It also protects the other teeth from getting loose.

Helps in speaking clearly– When you lose one or many teeth, then it can also affect the way you speak. You might find it hard and difficult to pronounce certain words clearly. Dental bridges help you to maintain your natural way of speaking.

There are other advantages of opting for dental bridges as well as they are small and lightweight, thereby providing excellent chewing comfort. One does not feel any discomfort after using one. In the efficient hands of a dentist in Clinton Maryland, the dental bridge construction will be safe and precise. Dental bridges last longer, but proper care should be taken at home and good oral hygiene should be maintained.