As the New Year approaches, and as we find ourselves closer into the holiday season, you may be beginning to start questioning whether it’s time to lose weight. If your pants were already tight to begin with, chances are they may be getting even tighter in the near future.

Losing weight is something that a lot of people set out to do around this time of year, yet find that the temptations are all too difficult to pass up. However, it’s entirely possible to allow yourself to enjoy indulgences sometimes, yet also have a healthy lifestyle at a good weight.

The answer lies in knowing the right tips to get you through and stay motivated. Here are some of the best tips for losing weight amidst all the cookies, candy, and champagne.

Get Up Throughout The Day

It’s essential that you try to stand up and move throughout the day. If you have a lifestyle which leaves you sitting down for long periods of time, then it’s easy to understand why you may be packing extra weight on your belly.

Try to get up at least every hour and get your blood pumping. Ideas include walking around your house or office or even doing some jumping jacks. This small burst of movement may seem insignificant on its own; however, when you add up several of these bursts throughout the day, it can make quite an impact.

Use a Calorie Counter Counter

Using an application is a great way to stay accountable for what you consume throughout the day. Sometimes people looking to lose weight are in denial about how many calories they’re consuming. However, what many people don’t realize is that that the biggest culprit of weight gain is small indulgences throughout the day.

Knowing just how much each small indulgence is adding to your overall calorie consumption may change your perspective on when enough is enough, particularly during the holiday season when sweets and treats are in your reach more than ever.

Buy a “Motivational Outfit”

Buying an outfit which isn’t your size, which you’d love to fit into can be a huge motivation to keep going. It’s incredibly satisfying to try something on which is too small, only to find that after a few months of dedication it fits you like a glove and you’re feeling great.

Get a Workout Buddy

For some people working out sounds miserable. They don’t get that rush of excitement like some others do from getting their blood flowing and their heart pumping.

However, when you find a workout buddy who will exercise with you, it becomes more of a social activity rather than a chore. You may even find it downright fun!