Most people will admit that working out is good for you, but many still aren’t sufficiently motivated to give it a try.  Without knowing that it can benefit your life beyond merely being “good for you,” maybe you haven’t been inspired to hit the gym either.

Perhaps once you start recognize all the different ways that an exercise program can transform your lifestyle, you might just be tempted to start working up a sweat. Here are the ways that exercise can change your life for the better.

You’ll Look Better

Sure, you can get cosmetic surgery to change your body. However, working out may be more realistic for your budget.

Since getting surgical work done will cost you at least a few thousand and running around the block is, well, largely free, the math is pretty simple. When you start working your muscles and toning your physique, you’ll begin to notice how much your body starts to change for the better.

Places which used to be loose and jiggly will become strong and firm. You’ll begin to love the way you look in fitted clothing rather than feeling self-conscious.

You’ll Be More Energized

Getting up every day and putting in the work of your exercise routine will give you a surge of energy throughout the rest of the day. You’ll feel an extra pep in your step that will carry on hours after your workout ends.

Even though you’ll likely spend extra energy on the workout, you’ll get it back in multiples! Many people are shocked to find how much their energy levels improve once they start working out … when they assumed they’d get worse.

You’ll Wake Up Earlier

When you’ve attained a healthy rhythm of eating well and exercising regularly, your body will start to wake up earlier. The more you work out and continue your healthy lifestyle, the less exhausted you’ll feel each morning.

Part of this is attributable to sleeping better. Since you put so much energy into your daily workout, your body is ready to pass out at the end of the day, which enables you to sleep deeply.

You’ll Have Better Self Esteem

When you have unhealthy habits, you may feel self-conscious about your body, since it appears out of shape to your eyes. But when you get up every day and put in the effort, you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Your self-esteem starts to improve when you allow yourself to feel good about your choices and healthy lifestyle changes.

You’ll Have a New Hobby

Working out is more than just exercise. It’s a commitment to shaping and molding your body into better condition. It takes commitment and dedication, which could become a passion for you!