Young woman strengthening arm muscles in gym, her trainer encouraging her

If you’ve ever reneged on a gym membership, backed out of a lofty New Year’s resolution, or lied to your significant other about your exercise habits, it’s important to note that you are not alone by any stretch of the imagination. After all, exercise is tedious, time-consuming, and it isn’t the easiest thing to weave into a clustered, chaotic schedule in today’s day and age.

With this notion in mind, we’re going to highlight some alarming trends regarding physical fitness in the UK and explain how your local personal trainer in Mayfair can help you revitalise your lifestyle in a cost-conscious, non-intrusive manner.

Delineating the Scope of Our Health Issues

Over the past several years, Britons have become increasingly torpid, indolent, and deskbound, as evidenced by the fact that we now spend almost 93% of our time at home, work, or in a vehicle. To make matters worse, only 7% of the UK population has some type of gym membership, and even fewer take the time to visit a workout centre at least twice per week. In this regard, let’s take a closer look at the following facts and data points concerning health and wellness in the UK:

  • According to a recent report published by the Public Health England agency, roughly 12% of all illnesses and disorders are linked to lacklustre nutritional regimens. By contrast, less than 11% of diseases are incited by smoking tobacco, which means that our day-to-day diets are actually more dangerous than cigarettes.
  • Nearly 63% of UK adults are categorised as overweight and 25% are obese, which is why it shouldn’t come as a huge shock to find out that our nation’s obesity rate has tripled over the past three decades.
  • If this development doesn’t change drastically during the next few years, it is estimated that 74% of men and 64% of women will be obese by the year 2030 – a rate higher than that of the United States.
  • During a 30-year double-blind study conducted across Europe, researchers found that people who engage in moderate exercise on a weekly basis live almost a decade longer than those who avoid working out altogether.

In light of these findings, it’s worth noting that you can change your life for the better simply by establishing a close-knit relationship with a distinguished trainer in your proximity.

How Can a Trainer Help Me?

In stark contrast to the fast-talking, impersonal fitness instructors of years past, today’s best-rated trainers are versatile, compassionate, and wholly dedicated to their clients. Irrespective of your current body type, endurance levels, or past experiences with exercise, your local trainer can tailor a distinctive plan to account for your day-to-day routine, mental impediments, and most importantly, your budgetary restrictions. Such plans include the following:

  • Easy-to-understand nutritional guidance and dietary refinements
  • Personalised training programmes that progressively adapt to eliminate the spectre of plateauing
  • Devoted life-coaching and psychological encouragement
  • Low-impact workouts to aid in injury rehabilitation and mitigate exercise-related pain
  • Proven strategies that allow you to reach your goals within a predetermined, set period of time

So take some time out of your day to visit the webpage of a Level 3 REPS qualified trainer to get started on the planning process – a healthier lifestyle is just a few clicks away.