If you have an elderly family member who need regular car, it is never advisable to have them living alone, and if you don’t have the room to have them at your house, the best alternative is to source a local nursing home.

Online Solutions

There are nursing homes across the UK, and if you are wondering how to find nursing homes near me in Bristol, Google is your best friend. Once you are on their website, this should give you a feel of the facility, and if you like what you see, arrange to make a visit, when you can see for yourself.

Tailored to Suit the Individual

A good nursing home would offer a level of care that the resident needs, which would range from a person who is quite active, but tends to get lost due to the onset of dementia, to someone who requires end of life care.

Things to Look For

When visiting a nursing home, you should look for the following:

  • Secure Facility – CCTV monitoring and manned entrances, ensuring that all residents are in a secure environment.
  • Full Range of Services – An established nursing home would be capable of offering care that is tailored to suit the resident. Of course, you know your family member very well, and you should look at the nursing home though their eyes and ask yourself the question, “Would they like this environment?”
  • Social Activities – This is an absolute must, and while many activities are going on, no resident is coerced into joining in. There should be a varied weekly program that might include a film night, quizzes, garden walks and many other interesting activities.

Once you are sure that the nursery is suitable, you can invite your elderly family member to accompany you on a visit.