The skin is the most substantial part of a human body which protects the internal organs of the body. It also gives identity to every individual. However, many times we forget to take necessary care of our skin. There are many dental clinics, ear, eyes and nose clinics (ENTs), nail parlors, but you may take some time to find a Laser and skin clinic in many places around the globe. Conversely, the available skin treatments available in the market pose more harm than benefit to skin when used for a long time. Australia is known for its ability to have many laser and skin clinics offering different skincare services.

One of the most fantastic things that came to the medical industry was the introduction of Dr. Dream in 2012. The dr. dream Laser& skin clinic was introduced by Anla Tan to bring skin care solutions to all skin problems. Some of the skin problems that Dr. dream permanently solves include acne, acne scars, aging effects such as wrinkles and sagging, melasma, skin redness, freckles, brown patches, and pigmentation. It is the best Laser and skin clinic in Melbourne Australia. The clinic provides services such as laser treatments, facial treatment products, and skin care products. The skin treatments are non-invasive, and they provide permanent results of a beautiful natural skin to the user without adverse side effects.

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Why are we different?

Our prices! Most people fear approaching skin clinics due to excessive prices charged at such places. However, we want to assure you that Dr. Dream is the clinic with the fairest laser and skin clinic prices. They are the best prices you can ever for services such as laser toning, gold toning, RuVY Touch, laser face resurfacing, laser peel, chemical peels, led therapy and many other services. Some of the beauty products that you will find at Melbourne laser and skin clinics include Anla perfection foundation (pearl, tan and amber) at $71 and only $53 for refills. If your dream is a smooth, flawless finish for your make-up, then Anla perfection foundation is your thing. Anla has anti-inflammation components and leaves your skin moisturized rejuvenated and smooth. There are brightening and anti-aging facial treatment toner, cream and serum ranging from $159 to $401. General care creams priced within the range of $65 to $110, the Medik8 products with prices ranging from $52 to $124 and the general, cosmetic products with lowest price valued at $53 and the highest price being $398. The prices are fair, and everyone can afford our products and enjoy the freedom that comes with good skin. Our clinics also offer free skin consultation valued at $99.

High level of technology! Forget about skin chemicals and therapeutic procedures that have had side effects on your skin. Dr. Dream clinic is one of the laser and skin clinic offering the best laser and skin prices while used the leading and current technology to provide quality, long lasting and tangible outcomes that every person longs for.

Pure products– the laser skin clinics use the most genuine products to produce skin care products that give the best results to improve the beauty naturally giving the user a fantastic look. All these factors make our clinics stand out in our services and prices. It is the place where you get quality products and services without overstretching your pockets.