Body Pain

More than 90 percent of Americans suffer from body pains. There can be numerous reasons behind this, such as a lousy lifestyle, carrying excessive weight, lack of sleep, etc. Some occur as a result of any injury, while others are chronic. Pain makes life uneasy. So, you can well imagine why searches for pain relief are one of the top searches on the internet.

Acute pain is more potent. It can occur due to a severe accident, and the only way out is to take medication. More often, doctors will provide prescription medicine. It does go away in a short while. However, it is chronic pain that causes the most problems. It is a result of some underlying condition. Therefore, alongside medication, self-care is essential in such scenarios. Rheumatic Arthritis, Reactive Arthritis, and Gout are some problems, which people of all ages suffer from. The most commonly affected areas are the back, spine, joints, feet, and hips.

Learn how some home improvements can help you lead an active lifestyle to reduce body pain.

Electric Heat Pad

This is an age-old remedy that many people still trust. You must have taken comfort in a hot water bottle often. It is one of the best pain remedies. Today, you can get modern leather pack heating pads. They also come in several finishes, including micro-plush and micro-fleece fibers. You can avail yourself of low, medium, and high heat settings as well.

Moreover, they come in various shapes and sizes. You just need to plug them into a socket and enjoy. It not only relieves the pain but lessens the discomfort as well.

Full Body Massager

This comes in the form of a massage chair. They are an excellent addition to any home. These chairs come with a foot attachment as well. So, you will get the best vibrational massage therapy for the entire body and feet. Mechanical foot rollers underneath make the experience even better. The chairs have various settings, like body immersion, deep tissue massage, and body stretch programs.

These automated chairs come with an LCD screen to display the heart rate and pulse rate while you relax. Isn’t that innovative? Now, you can also connect these to your Bluetooth music player. Just doze off to sleep while the machine takes care of your pain.

Infrared Light Machines

An infrared light therapy machine is the perfect choice for people with chronic body pain. Around 8 out of 10 people suffer back pain at one point in their lives. Healing with heat is already proven. That is what electric pads do, right? Well, another addition to this is the infrared light therapy machine or belt. The light penetrates deep into the muscles. You should know a little about cell biology to understand how it works.

The mitochondria inside the cells utilize this energy to increase metabolism, which kick-starts the recovery process. It also improves blood circulation and helps get rid of spasms. Infrared therapy heals tissues and also alleviates pain. Moreover, it is beneficial for both acute and chronic pain.

Stationary Exercise Bike

There are two types of bikes that you could choose from. The upright bike is the first one. You can ride an upright bike if you suffer from the body, specifically back pain and spinal cord ailments. Slightly leaning forward while cycling can help lessen your back pain. However, some people also find comfort in recumbent bikes. They are one of the best bikes for indoor gyms that makes exercise stress-free. You can rest assured that these have minimal effect on your joints. These also tend to strengthen the legs. So, you gain twice as much.

Sun-Room Patio for Yoga

Incorporating a sun-room patio will be a good idea if you buy a new home or renovate an old one. The ambiance will help you practice your asanas without hindrance. The room should have adequate sunlight. Moreover, it ought to be airy. You can also add a few aroma candles. Aroma is known to have therapeutic effects on your olfactory system. It boosts the mood and can cure pain. A yoga mat should also be one of the props here.

You can practice some asanas that are well-suited for people with body pain. Locust pose and Extended Triangle pose are just perfect for your pain-related problems. They target the most common problem areas like the back, joints, and feet. You can also practice focusing on your breathing and meditation for mindfulness. In the process, you will forget about all kinds of aches and pains.

You can alleviate body pain with the help of many such home face-lifts. These are a few of them. Plants are another therapeutic measure that helps you to connect with nature. They can lower pollution and make the area conducive to various alternative healing modalities, like Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing known to reduce chronic body pain. So, that makes it another way to alleviate body pain.